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Keypad Input Requirements: 12 V DC
Keypad Current Draw: <15 mA Standby, 60 mA Maximum
Keypad Outputs: Seven 1/4A Grounding* for Lock/Unlock, Dome Light, Arm Enabling and Auxiliary Devices (*may require relays)
Keypad Switch Life: > 1 Billion Cycles
Keypad Operating Environment: 100% Relative Humidity
Keypad Operating Temperature:-40C to +70C(-40F to +160F)
Keypad Dimensions: H: 2 1/4" x W: 7 3/8" x D: 3/4" 
Keypad Weight: 6.2 oz. (175 gm) 
6 Codes: 1 master code, 5 user codes
Variable Length Codes: 3 to 8 digits
3 Levels of Security:
Low Level: Locks Door, Activates 3 Digit Convenience Code1 (if enabled)
Medium Level: Locks Door, Arm Enabled, Cancels 3 Digit Convenience Code
High Level: Locks Door, Arm Enabled, Arms Keypad2, Cancels 3 Digit Convenience Code

1->When activated, the Convenience Code requires only the first 3 digits of any programmed access code to gain entry.

2-> Arms the Keypad security display (the keypad lights flash momentarily once every 15 seconds)

3 Auxiliary Outputs: To open a cargo door, storage compartment or activate any electrically controlled auxiliary device.
Easy to Program: Add, modify or delete Users from the Keypad
Illuminated Solid State Keypad: Lights at first touch for nighttime convenience
Angled Keypad: Unique design positions the keypad at a 20 angle for user convenience
Tamper Alarm Lockout: Multiple incorrect entries trigger tamper alarm and system lock out for 30 seconds
Non Volatile Memory Protection: Retains codes and programming in the event of a power interruption

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