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For Commercial applications, Essex Electronics offers these Professional Grade Access Control solutions:

Keyless IP   Networked Access Control System 
Introducing the next generation of Access Control.  The Keyless IP Series is a stand alone, single door networked access control system which provides remote management, programming and reporting feedback through a standard web browser.  No custom software to install.  When it's time to add more doors, the Keyless IP Series can be converted from stand alone operation to an access point in a hosted environment.
1,000 Users (Pin and/or Card)
5,000 Stored Audit Transactions
2 SPDT Relay Outputs (2A @ 120VAC)
12-16VDC Input or Built-in 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Programmed via standard web browser

For more information, please visit the Keyless IP Series

   Heavy Duty Door Access Switches 
Essex Piezoelectric Door Access Switches are heavy Duty, illuminated, timed, electronic, stainless steel switches designed to operate in various high use, harsh and vandal prone environments.
12 - 24VDC Input
1 Relay Output
Field Programmable Options including Adjustable Output Time and Illumination Feedback
Vandal Resistant Design
Stainless Steel Construction
Single Gang Mount (PEB Series and Hand-E-Tap) or Mullion Mount (PEB Series Only)
Customizable Black Laser Marked graphics available.  Contact 1-800-KEYLESS for details.

For more information, please visit the PEB Series or the new Hand-E-Tap.

   SKE-12 Pad Series    Multiple User, Self Contained Access Control Keypads 
The SKE 12 Pad Series provides cost effective, self contained access control with features suitable for most single door requirements.  As a self contained system, all electronics are contained inside the keypad.  Easy to install and operate, all programming is performed through the Keypad.
502 Codes
1 SPDT Relay Output (2A @ 24V max)
Two Auxiliary Open Collector 1/4A grounding outputs
5VDC or 12-24VDC Input/Output
Keypad Programmable
Single Gang (3x4) or Mullion Mount (2x6)

For more information, please visit the SKE-34 or the SKE-26.


The SKE-34 Series is CSA listed for Elevator Access Control (CSA B44.1/ASME 17.5)
 K-Prox   Access Control Keypad plus Proximity  
 K-Prox is a professional grade, dual technology, stand alone access control system which combines an Essex 12 Pad 3x4 Keypad with HID 125kHz proximity.  Up to 500 users (Pin and/or Prox) and 3 programmable outputs are available.  Unaffected by virtually any environment, (heat, rain, snow, ice – up to “), K-Prox Keypad/Proximity Reader is fully encapsulated and contains no moving parts.   Easily programmable through the Keypad, K-Prox can also be programmed with Essex EZKey™ PC Programmable software included with an optional ERM-3 encoded relay module.   When connected to a PC, User activity can be logged and  printed.   As a  secured system, K-Prox with Encoded Relay Module provides an enhanced level of security by storing relays in a separate control module.
500 Users (Pin and/or Card)
HID 125kHz Proximity 
3 SPDT Relay Outputs (6A @ 120VAC)
12-24VAC/DC Input/Output (when used with ERM)
Keypad and/or PC Programmable

For more information, please visit the K-Prox

 K1 Series with Encoded Relay Module
The K1 Series with encoded relay module is the next generation Keypad Keyless Entry system designed to provide a migration path from a 500 user stand alone access control system to an OEM compatible Keypad Reader.  This design allows you to start with the K1 Series Stand Alone System for 1 to 3 door operation and reconfigure the Keypad in the future to add additional doors with a larger system.  In stand alone mode, up to 500 user codes can be programmed into the K1 Series and each user code can be assigned to activate one of the three programmable outputs. This system is capable of being programmed either through the Keypad or through the Encoded Relay Module serial communication to a PC.  User friendly software is included to simplify system configuration and User Programming.  When connected to a PC, User activity can be logged and  printed.   As a  secured system, the K1 Series Keypad with Encoded Relay Module provides an enhanced level of security by storing the relays in a separate control module.  All user programming and system configuration can be performed through the Keypad or optional PC Programming software (included with the Encoded Relay Module).
Stand Alone Access Controller
500 User Codes
3 SPDT Relay Outputs (6A @ 120VAC)
12-24VAC/DC Input/Output (when used with ERM)
Time Zone/Restricted Access Input
Keypad and/or PC Programmable (with ERM)

For more information, please visit the K1 Series 

Elevator Access Control
The heightened demand for improved building security with sometimes-harsh environments, access control systems are called on to provide reliable options for security management.

For over 25 years, Essex Electronics has designed and manufactured a complete line of cost-effective solutions for all customer requirements. Options range from priority hall call stations to complete floor access control systems for low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise elevators. Touch pads available in a wide range of styles and finishes.

These innovative systems are used to control access by requiring the user to enter an access code at a keypad (or present a proximity card) before a call can be registered. In addition to the elegance of a single multi-code keyboard, KEYLESS ENTRY provides other important advantages: 
KE-1000 KE-1900
5 Access Codes per Output Up to 4000 Access Codes
Keyless Throwover (Latching) or Momentary Outputs 1 to 8 Elevators
Up to 48 Floors
  Audit Trail Event Recording

For more information, please visit the Elevator Keyless.

Looking for an entry level system with fewer User Codes and less options?  Please visit Residential and Small Commercial Systems.

 Interested in becoming an authorized distributor of Essex products?  If you are a Security Professional, please.register here.

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