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The Essex AKE-5 Series is a low profile, self contained Keyless Entry® System designed for vehicle and other basic access control applications.  Developed and manufactured by Essex Electronics, the company that invented Keyless Entry for Ford Motor Company over 25 years ago, the AKE-5 Series combines cutting edge switch technology with keyless convenience.

What makes Essex Keyless Entry Systems superior?  Like all Keyless Entry Systems manufactured by Essex Electronics, the AKE-5 Series features a virtually indestructible keypad with Essex advanced Piezoelectric Switch Technology™. Designed for even the most extreme environment, this weatherproof, vandal resistant keypad contains no moving parts. 

How does it work?  Simply enter your personalized 3 to 8 digit access code at the Keypad to unlock the door. After a valid code is entered, trailing digits can be used to open a trunk, unlock a vehicle storage compartment or operate almost any electrically controlled auxiliary device*.  Want to give temporary or permanent access to a family member, friend or employee?  In addition to the 1 Master Code, up to 5 User codes can be easily programmed from the keypad.  Total control at your fingertips...

No illumination

Blue Illumination

Why choose an Essex AKE-5 Series Keypad Keyless Entry system over a single technology remote system?  There are several advantages to using a keypad based access control system versus a key or remote key fob based system.

No more waiting for roadside assistance because of keys or remote key fobs locked inside of your vehicle.   The AKE-5 Series eliminates the possibility of being lock out.

No need to carry keys with you everywhere you go.   With the AKE-5 Series, you can hide your keys in the glove compartment, under the floor mat or anywhere in the secured vehicle.  This gives you the freedom to go to the beach, to play golf or go anywhere without having to carry keys.

Leave your vehicle at the airport or some other destination for a friend, loved one or even yourself with the keys locked (hidden) safely inside.

(* Note: Your vehicle may require external relays to control certain devices)

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