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Are you a security professional who is interested in receiving the latest  information about any of the Essex products listed on this web site?  Are you interested in becoming an authorized dealer or installer of Essex products?  Simply fill out the registration form below to receive information on various products manufactured by Essex Electronics, Inc.  
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   KE-100 Series (KE-100, KE-125 or KE-150) 
   KE-200 Series (KE-250, KE-260 or KE-265) 
   KE-300 Series (KE-301, KE-302, KE-303, KE-325 or KE-350)
   KTP Series (Wiegand, 8 Bit Word, ABA, BCD, X-Y Keypads)
   Automotive Series (KE-1500, KE-1600 or KE-1700)
   Elevator Systems (KE-1000, KE-1100, KE-1200 or KE-1900)
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Keyless Entry Access Control Systems and Accessories (You may select more than one)
   K1 Series All in One Keypad Reader & Stand Alone Access Controller (500 User Codes, 3 O.C. Outputs)
   SKE-6 Self Contained Keyless Entry Keypad  (6 User Codes, 1 Relay, 2 Grounding Outputs)
   SKE-34 and SKE-26 Self Contained Keyless Entry Keypad  (500 User Codes, 1 Relay, 2 Grounding Outputs)
   KE-265 Stand Alone Keyless Entry System (6 User Codes, 2 Relays)
   Keyless IP IP Based Access Control (1,000 User Codes, 5,000 stored audit transactions)
   AKE-5 Keyless Entry for automotive applications (cars, light trucks, vans and SUV's)
   KE-1700 Keyless Entry for larger vehicle applications (RV's, Trucks and commercial vehicles)
   Elevator Systems Keyless Entry for Elevator applications
Door Access Switches
   PEB Series Vandal Resistant, Illuminated, Piezoelectric Door Access Switches
   Hand-E-Tap Heavy Duty, ADA Compliant Programmable Piezoelectric Door Access Switches
   Hand-E-Wave Rugged, Stainless steel, hands free switch

Single and Dual Technology Readers

   K1 Series All in One Keypad Reader (26 Bit Wiegand, 8 Bit, Serial ASCII, more) & Stand Alone Access Controller
   KTP Series (12-Pad 3x4 and Thinline 2x6) - Single Output Keypad Reader (26 Bit Wiegand, 8 Bit Word, X-Y, Serial ASCII)
   RoxProx Series - Rugged Proximity Reader (HID 125kHz Proximity)
   RoxProx II Series - Rugged Proximity Reader (HID 125kHz Proximity)
   RoxProx IP Series - Rugged Ethernet Proximity Reader (HID 125kHz Proximity)
   iRox Series - Rugged Smart Card Readers (HID 13.56MHz iCLASS SE and HID MultiCLASS 13.56MHz plus 125kHz Proximity)
   TProx - Dual Technology 2x6 Keypad/Proximity Reader (HID 125kHz Proximity)
   PiezoProx - Dual Technology 3x4 Keypad/Proximity Reader (HID 125kHz Proximity)

General (You may select more than one)

   Company Information
   Product Overview (Residential & Commercial Access Control Systems, Single and Dual Technology Readers)
   Product Description and Pricing Guide (Residential & Commercial Access Control Systems, Single and Dual Technology Readers)
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