Why Businesses Need A Commercial Grade Keyless Entry System

Whether it is an SMB or a large enterprise, every business has invested a considerable amount of time and capital into building that business. Protecting it makes a lot of sense. One of the first and most critical layers of defense is how that business chooses to secure the doors, the most used entry point for authorized and unauthorized visitors alike. Creating a reliable access control system using a keyless entry system is one of the most practical and cost-efficient ways to achieve a high level of security.

Keyless entry systems are not new. In fact, one of the first products developed by Essex was the original Keypad Keyless Entry® system for Ford Motor Company. The technology has advanced considerably since that time and has even been trusted to secure cockpit doors in an FAA/JAA certified cockpit door locking control system. So why should businesses use keyless entry systems? Here are just a few of the many advantages.

Higher Level of Security
The first reason a business should invest in a keyless system is, of course, increased security. Traditional door locking systems involve keys which can be lost, stolen, and misused. All it takes is one key in the wrong hands to cause colossal damage and loss to your business. Keyless systems do not have this problem.

Reduced Risk
When the security of a company increases, risks decrease. Keyless entry systems can help prevent things such as theft, breach of information, violence, and more.

You Can Secure Critical Areas
Some businesses have areas that require more protection than others, such as production or storage areas. Access control systems provide streamlined access to those who need to be in those areas while keeping unauthorized individuals out of harm’s way.

Increased Awareness
An informed business owner is a wise owner. Keyless locking solutions provide a way for users to know when an area is being accessed and by whom. This helps solve disputes, create greater efficiencies and more.

Eliminate Costs
Keyless entry systems can save businesses money in a number of ways, providing a fast return on their investment. These systems eliminate the need to rekey every time a key is lost or stolen, which alone is a significant saving. However, there are other ways it eliminates costs that can be more difficult to calculate. For example, these systems can reduce theft of product and theft of time by providing greater awareness of movement.

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